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Home Care

Caregivers USA offer care for individuals in the most comfortable place, their own home. There is no place like home! Home Care in the Beverly Hills area is affordable and flexible. The services provided are a beautiful alternative to costly nursing home placement or rehabilitation centers. Seniors enjoy the freedom of living in their own space while aging. Adults of all ages, needing help during a recovery, enjoy compassionate in home care. The care is uniquely designed based on each case.

When is Extra Care Needed?

Perhaps, you or a loved one is beginning to forget medication amounts and times, or perhaps, your grandfather is beginning to experience early signs of Alzheimer’s. You may be enduring chemotherapy treatments and need extra care at home, while you overcome cancer; or perhaps you are overcoming an injury caused by a car accident. The burden of care is gently lifted through the assistance of in-home care providers. This care is easily adapted to fit each family’s unique needs. A number of services are provided with flexible days and hours. Families appreciate the lifted burden provided by in home care. It is available for short term and longer term care.

Consultants are available to assist you with determining the best care needed. Assistance is available to help you weigh and choose the best options, while considering your budget and family. Caregivers USA is a family owned business with a heart for families. Our consultants will assist you in determining the best timing and fit for extra care.

Services Provided

Caregivers USA provides a number of in-home services with flexibility for days and hours. Care providers have both evening and day and hours available. Families who work night shifts experience peace of mind with the consistent care available in the Beverly Hills area. Consultations are available to assist you in determining the best services needed to meet your loved one’s needs. Many options are available.

• Companionship that overcomes loneliness
• Walking assistance
• Food preparation, planning and cleanup
• Daily morning grooming assistants and preparation
• Travel assistance to appointments, trips and outings
• Reading material based on requests
• Small household cleaning
• Prescription pickup
• Pet help
• Medication reminders and help
• Bathing assistance
• Much more

Peace of mind is provided through in-home care providers. These services are affordable and convenient. A consultation will assist you in selecting the best services for your family. Assistance is available for individuals needing any level of care. This care may assist someone immediately following a surgical procedure, during recovery from an auto accident or a broken bone, as well as for elderly loved ones.
Help your loved one stay in the home and age gracefully through the aid of in-home providers. Keeping elderly loved ones in the home is much easier with professional assistance. Caregivers are available for transportation needs, companionship needs, reading devotionals, grooming and much more.

Emotional Needs

Elderly loved ones benefit from the emotional stability connected to staying in their own home, rather than transitioning into a senior living facility. Individuals of all ages can benefit from the compassionate care provided in the home. For example, a forty-one year old man recovering from a car accident can benefit from in home care. Family members benefit from peace of mind through the services provided by home care in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Marina Del Rey and Culver City. Contact Caregivers USA at 310-450-0660 or


These are caretakers, I’m healthy today because of these people right here… – Bob

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